Taste of Home Make it Take it Vol. 2: Get Your Tasty On with Ideal Dishes for Picnics, Parties, Holidays, Bake Sales & More.

50.000 VND


Định dạng EPUB

Whether you’re heading to a friendly brunch, family barbecue, church picnic or holiday office party, the perfect crowd-pleasing contribution is at your fingertips! No more worrying about what you can bring to the block party, bake sale or baby shower.

Taste of Home Make It, Take It Cookbook is packed with more than 310 simply impressive bring a dish classics. Each recipe is guaranteed to travel well, come together easily and satisfy everyone at the party. In fact, these dishes are so incredible, you’ll want to serve them at home for your own gang to enjoy!

Each recipe travels well, feeds at least 10 and comes together easily. No more doubling or tripling the ingredients, struggling to get your dish to the celebration or finding the perfect addition to holiday buffet.