Not Just Pho Vietnamese Cookbook: The Abundance of Vietnamese Cuisine

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Định dạng EPUB

The first thing you notice about Vietnamese cooking – before you get to taste it – is the aroma. It’s so wonderful, you want to bottle it like perfume. This heavenly scent is mainly due to the herbs and spices included in most dishes. These herbs frequently consist of lemongrass and scallion, which add much flavor to most dishes. What really stands out about Vietnamese cuisine is the duality. It’s sweet and salty, sweet and sour, refreshingly cool and comfortably warm.

In this Not Just Pho Vietnamese Cookbook, you’ll learn about its most famous soup, Pho. The influence here is French, with its meat simmered in fragrant broth. Vietnam’s famed banh mi sandwich also uses a French baguette as its basis.

While Vietnamese cuisine has many flavorings, fish sauce finds its way into just about every dish. It creates a savory saltiness that sets Vietnamese cooking apart from others. Get the best fish sauce you can find. It’s worth it. And enjoy all the dishes in this Not Just Pho Vietnamese Cookbook.