Vegan: Recipes for a More Delicious Life – Kyra de Vreeze

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The popularity of the vegan diet is on the rise and in Vegan, Kyra de Vreeze shows readers that choosing a plant-based diet does not mean that you have to compromise on flavour. Kyra’s book gives you 40 healthy yet delicious vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks and desserts.

Kyra starts off her book with Breakfast, so that you can start your day right with a pumpkin-chia pudding with matcha or, if you have more of a sweet-tooth, the chocolatey nuckwheat pofferjes (mini-pancakes) with cacao spread. The second chapter, Lunch, features a range of recipes from a nourishing, green apple and asparagus salad to a creamy red lentil soup. There are also recipes to sate those hunger pangs before dinner, such as sweet and sticky stuffed dates, zesty mulberry bonbons and a rose and raspberry juice to quench your thirst. The fourth chapter, Dinner, shows you how to make your own vibrant beetroot quiche with red onion and a side of Oriental salad with tamarind sauce and a raw curry with chickpea and cumin crackers. Kyra also provides moreish desserts so you can still indulge yourself, with recipes such as creamy mango custard and Graceland ice cream cake!