Shine Brighter Every Day: Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Spirit, Balance Your Life

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Shine Brighter Every Day is a way of thinking, a mindset. It is not a diet. Danah Mor has created an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense guide that combines scientific and holistic advice to allow you to become your own food doctor, creating an achievable, sustainable plan that is completely personal to you.

We are meant to feel strong, joyful and healthy every day.

Danah Mor, nutrition expert and Ayurvedic practitioner, is leading a revolution in how we think about lifestyle and diet, placing balance and joy at the centre of everything.

In this comprehensive and interactive guide, she shares her unique approach: a simple and enjoyable 14-step method that will re-awaken a feeling of caring deeply for yourself, banishing guilt and reframing your relationship with food in a sustainable, realistic way. Shine Brighter Every Day shares advice that you can actually put into practice, actions to make you feel more comfortable and better in your mind and body.

• Empower yourself – this is a wake-up call. Be brave, be yourself, and break free from your comfort zone to build an unlimited life, a life you want and choose.
• Supercharge your health – learn key wellbeing secrets, including advice on grains, enzymes, alkalizing and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. Understand why you are attracted to certain foods and use this knowledge to evolve your cravings.
• Practical changes for our future – caring for yourself, for the planet, for future generations, is no longer a privilege; it’s a necessity.
• Live your best life – discover powerful nourishment beyond food, transforming movement from a chore to a joy. Take notice of your life, and thrive as you were born to.<