Home Cooking with Sam & Forest

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Singapore’s favourite chefs, Sam and Forest Leong are well-known proponents of simple yet wholesome home cooked meals. The culinary couple’s latest cookbook, Home Cooking with Sam and Forest, is a collection of their favourite dishes that are easy to replicate at home but are not short on taste. Featuring 50 dishes that range from noodles and seafood to soups and desserts, this cookbook will inspire beginners as well as cooking enthusiasts to whip up dishes such as Wok fried Chicken with Basil, Tofu Scallops with XO Sauce, Rice Cooked in Chicken Consommé with Seafood, Sweet Sago with Durian and Steamed Green Tea Cupcakes at home. The carefully considered recipes from the authors’ vast culinary knowledge reflect their Chinese and Thai backgrounds and feature ingredients easily sourced from local markets and supermarkets. With Sam and Forest’s cooking expertise and their love for home cooked family meals, cooking at home is not only easy but satisfying as well