The Restaurant Martin Cookbook: Sophisticated Home Cooking From the Celebrated Santa Fe Restaurant *

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From growing up in a family of eight children in Guadalajara, Mexico to working his way up the culinary ladder under the tutelage of top chefs, Chef Martín Rios’ humble charm and exceptional culinary talent have won him accolades on the national scale.

A James Beard Award nominee, he has been repeatedly honored for his innovative and pleasing combinations of flavors, colors and presentation. His unique style emphasizes fresh, local produce and organic meats and poultry, and reflects not only Southwestern and Asian influences but also his classic training in French technique

Written with acclaimed food writers, Cheryl and Bill Jamison, The Restaurant Martín Cookbook offers sophisticated recipes some are meant for special occasion dinners and others are straightforward in their basics and suitable for everyday purposes that are accessible to in tune home cooks who love to cook, who find joy and fulfillment in creating fine food for themselves, their families, and their friends.