Paint Watercolor Flowers: A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide

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You can paint beautiful blooms, step by step!

Sunflowers, orchids, daffodils, lilies…your brush can bring these and more to life with Paint Watercolor Flowers. Master watercolorist Birgit O’Connor guides you every step of the way, from selecting essential watercolor supplies, to practicing basic painting techniques, to capturing the unique details of a variety of flowers, to showing them off in striking, color-rich compositions. Learn how to paint nine different flowers, with each demonstration covering important concepts you need for successful results. Friendly, easy-to-follow instructions make flower painting fun and doable for any artist, whether you are new to the medium or simply want to try a subject you haven’t painted before.
Detailed instruction on color, value, creating shadows, composition and more
3 negative painting demonstrations
9 start-to-finish flower painting demonstrations exploring topics such as creating backgrounds, layering color, values in white flowers, values in colored flowers and much more
Learn to play with gorgeous color and water effects, expressing yourself with the unparalleled beauty of nature’s bouquet.