I Cook in Color: Bright Flavors from My Kitchen and Around the World

50.000 VND



Expand your recipe collection with dishes that focus on cross-cultural flavors, rainbows of vegetables, gem-toned desserts, and spice-forward twists from the author of the critically acclaimed cookbook My Two Souths.

Best known for her easy mix of cooking traditions from the American South and her homeland of Kerala in Southern India, Chef Asha Gomez continues to evolve her unique cooking style.

In this next vibrant cookbook, I Cook in Color, Asha embraces dishes from around the globe, celebrating international flavor profiles and the melding of culinary traditions that reflect both her cherished memories of her mother’s Kerala kitchen, as well as her extraordinary travel experiences. Recipes include:

Thai Green Papaya Salad with Dried Shrimp
Catalonian Paella
Passion Fruit, Lime & Grapefruit Grouper Ceviche
Grilled Meyer Lemon Chili Corn
Pomegranate & Date Molasses Chicken
Mango Cardamom Cake