Japanese Cookbook for Everyday Cooking: Easy & Healthy Japanese Recipes to Cook at Home

50.000 VND


ĐỊNH DẠNG : epub

If you have ever walked into a sushi bar, you have probably heard the chef greet you with this.

It simply means “welcome” or “please come in” and is guaranteed to make you feel instantly at home.

Japan indeed has one of the most stunning cultures in the world.

They have shown scientific prowess and gave us wonderful inventions.

But that’s not all.

Another thing we are thankful for is their incredible culinary contribution.

Japan is home to the best restaurants in the world. And that in itself says a lot.

Well, you don’t actually have to travel far to enjoy the best of what Japanese cuisine has to offer.

You can actually bring Japanese cuisine to your home.

This book will let you delve into Japan’s rich culture and heritage through its colorful cuisine.

Learn 50 easy and delicious Japanese recipes that you can cook at home to spice up your usual menu