Made for You: Summer: Seasonal recipes for gifts and celebrations: Make, Wrap, Deliver.

50.000 VND


Định dạng EPUB

Made for You: Summer is a fresh and giftable book for summer, the second in a series of four orienting around the seasons. Each is packed with deliciously seasonal recipes for sharing and celebrating, set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes and natural beauty. There are also ideas for how best to cook, pack and drop off a food package for someone who may be celebrating an exciting milestone, moving, busy with a newborn baby, recovering from illness, grieving, or simply in need of love and comfort.

Inspiring practical tips and wonderful stories make this the perfect gift – because nothing says “I love you and I’m here” better than food you’ve taken the time to make, wrap and deliver.

Including chapters on gift trays and baskets, smoothies for all, catering for a crowd and useful culinary basics.