Fairy Food: Treats for Fanciful Meals & Parties *

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Whimsical Recipes for Fairy-Themed Lunches, Teatime, Desserts, and More!

There are many kinds of fairies garden fairies, orchard fairies, meadow fairies, woodland elves, and a number of unique water fairies such as sprites and nymphs. One thing all fairies have in common is a love of delicious food! Fruits, berries, and wild honey are sure to keep almost any fairy happy for hours on end. A nibble of cake or pastry will make them positively joyous!

Explore the whimsical world of fairy food in this delightful cookbook. Whether you’re planning a fairy-themed party or just wish to add an element of fancy to your meals, you’ll find plenty to inspire you here, from breakfasts and lunches to teatime to dessert. Discover recipes such as:
Pastel Berry Shortbread Rounds
Rainbow Tea Bread
Wild Violet Tea Sandwiches
Elves’ Emerald Mushroom Pizza
Water Sprites’ Watermelon Soup
Cream Puff Fairy Ring
Firefly Cupcakes
Fondant Fireflies, Honeybees and Bumblebees
Creamy Chocolate Rainbow Cones
Pixies’ Popcorn
Blooming Honey Biscuits
and much more!
Many recipes include elements that children can help prepare for added fun. Full of inspiring photographs of fairy food and drink, as well as a fairy-themed garden tea party, this delightful cookbook makes a unique gift for the fairy enthusiast in your life.