Epic 30-Minute Roasts

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100 Incredible Roasts in Half the Time

Maja and Jernej Zver, founders of the award-winning blog Jernej Kitchen, show you how to make delicious roasts in just 30 minutes or less. These 100 incredible dishes are all prepped, roasted to perfection and ready to serve in half the time. With Maja and Jernej’s use of clever culinary hacks that seriously streamline the cooking process, you’ll yield all the tender results of a traditional roast without the wait.

These recipes cover everything from classic beef and pork to venison, lamb, veggies and seafood. Make the juicy Oven-Roasted T-Bone Steak with Herb Butter in 15 minutes by searing it in a cast-iron skillet and finishing it off under the broiler. Think you can’t roast a whole chicken in 30 minutes? Think again! With Crispy Roasted Chicken Halves, you simply trim out the breastbone, roast each half and are done in no time. In addition to being quick and easy, each recipe is brimming with delicious, innovative flavors, such as Duck Breast with Plum Chutney, Roasted Chicken Thighs with Grapes and Polenta, Miso-Apricot–Glazed Pork Chops with Bean Salad and so much more. With this collection of mouthwatering roasts, you’ll save time and energy in the kitchen without ever sacrificing flavor.