Everyday Entertaining: 110+ Recipes for Going All Out When You’re Staying In

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“This book is pure delight, and Elizabeth’s joyful energy is alive on every page. I’m going to be leaning hard into these vibrant, playful and delicious foods. Every recipes are an instant portal to relax mode–I want to be sitting by a pool eating Poke nachos, and Prosciutto and melon or huddled around Green Suiza Chicken Enchiladas with friends, now.” -Sarah Copeland, Author of Every Day is Saturday, The Newlywed Cookbook and Instant Family Meals

“Elizabeth’s approach to entertaining is enviably effortless (have you seen her backyard gatherings?!), and I can only dream of being half the hostess she is. Luckily for me, she’s sharing her best recipes and tips in Everyday Entertaining, so that I, too, can impress my guests with ease. Just wait ’til you see the cheeseboards!” -Grace Elkus, Food Director

“Everyday Entertaining is full of delicious and inspiring recipes and accompanied by stunning imagery. The layouts and details are fantastic. Elizabeth has filled these pages with charm and creativity. Every hostess needs a copy of this book!” -Courtney Whitmore, author of The Southern Entertainer’s Cookbook and Pizzazzerie.com

Learn why over 6M people follow Elizabeth Van Lierde’s inspirational entertaining blog The College Housewife!

Entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Everyday Entertaining will be your go-to guide with 110+ Instagram-worthy recipes for mains, apps, brunch, cocktails, desserts and more– complete with times and tricks from setting the perfect table to designing your own restaurant style cheeseboard. Whether you are hosting friends for a backyard BBQ, preparing for your first Thanksgiving, or planning a cozy date night at home, Elizabeth makes entertaining essentials easy and affordable, so that you can serve your cake and eat it, too.

Master over 110 inspirational recipes that will make your next soiree go with a bang! Elizabeth Van Lierdes and her College Housewife blog boast over 6m followers. In the Everyday Entertaining you’ll understand why. Make this your go to guide to entertaining, finger foods, table settings and everything you need to make your next gathering Instagram-worthy

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