Duchess Bake Shop – Giselle Courteau

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The perfect balance of high end French pastries and home baking. This elegant, must have cookbook offers exceptional recipes with exquisite results perfect for passionate home bakers.
An updated version of the best selling debut from Giselle Courteau, this beautiful cookbook is packed with stunning recipes with spectacular results. The ideas from this cookbook can be traced back to Giselle’s experiences teaching English in Japan in 2007. It was in Tokyo that Giselle, a self-taught baker, first discovered French macarons and became determined to replicate the delicate confections at home. After experimenting with hundreds of different recipes, all in a tiny toaster oven, Giselle finally perfected a macaron recipe that inspired her to open a French Patisserie in Canada in 2009. That macaron recipe is featured in this cookbook and macarons have been (and continue to be) the bestselling item at Duchess Bake Shop since it first opened.
Macarons aside, Giselle’s…

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