The World of Dim Sum Cookbook: Small Plates for Big Tastes *

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Dim Sum was never intended to be a full meal, although it can be. Like a High Tea, dim sum is a collection of delectable treats to hold you over to the next meal. Serve with a strong cup of tea, a good dim sum offers taste and relaxation during the day. They are always deliberately served on small plates.

There is a dim sum morsel for everyone – from dumplings, cakes, buns, and even vegetables cooked in wonderful sauces. Relax, sit back, and enjoy your favorites. You can begin with something savory and end up with a sweet cake. Absolutely delicious. And don’t forget the dipping sauces; they can be the best part of a dim sum. You’ll find several dipping sauces in The World of Dim Sum Cookbook that are far tastier than anything store-bought.

Delight your family with a dim sum using the delectable recipes from The World of Dum Sum Cookbook.