Delish Sisters – Tasty Food Made With Love

50.000 VND


Định dạng EPUB

This book is a literal dream come true for Kate and Rebecca Lund, Delish Sisters Café owners and now full-time bespoke caterers. It is the story of their food journey over the years as well as an ode to wholesome, fresh and balanced living, with a healthy dollop of indulgence thrown in! Their vision for the cookbook has been to capture the picturesque, lush KwaZulu-Natal North Coast of South Africa, as well as to share some of their favourite seasonal dishes from their time at the café and in catering. It is jam-packed with easy-to-make recipes, helpful tips and gorgeous photographs. Delish Sisters – Tasty Food Made With Love has something for everyone, even if only as a beautiful space holder on a bookshelf or coffee table.