Simply Sensational Cookies *

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Sophisticated, contemporary cookie recipes from one of America’s most respected baking experts
From bestselling cookbook author and award-winner Nancy Baggett comes Simply Sensational Cookies, a delicious collection of cookie recipes that covers both the classics that mom used to make and modern, innovative ideas for the adventurous baker. Whether you’re a novice baker, an experienced cook, or a parent looking for new treats to try, this is the ideal cookbook for cookie-lovers, with more than 200 recipes ranging from fast and simple no-bake preparations to challenging projects for experienced bakers.

Features more than 200 recipes, from traditional cookies like chocolate chip to sophisticated, savory cocktail nibbles
Includes gorgeous and inspiring full color photography throughout
Nancy Baggett is also the author of Kneadlessly Simple and twelve other highly respected cookbooks
Whether you need quick treats for the kids to snack on or fancy fare for your next cocktail party, Simply Sensational Cookies offers a wide range of recipes that will satisfy your every craving.