Sushi Cookbook: Tasty Authentic Sushi Recipes for Everyone

50.000 VND


Định dạng EPUB

Bringing tasty meals out of the kitchen requires some technical skills, but anyone can become creative and produce great meals from the kitchen. You do not have to spend the entire day in the kitchen to produce a tasty sushi meal for your friends and family. All you need is some crucial ingredients and the necessary equipment, and you are good to go. The next step is to follow the guidelines of each recipe as highlighted in this cookbook and get your meals done. The secret to producing sushi recipes is having ingredients ready in the pantry to avoid wasting more time searching for the requirements for each recipe.

In this sushi cookbook, you will find a variety of sushi recipes such as rolls, bowls, and corn-shaped sushis. You will not only enjoy the end product but also explore different arts in the kitchen to produce colorful sushi recipes. Take your time and start your sushi journey with the help of this amazing cookbook.

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