The Ultimate Steak Cookbook: Mouthwatering Steak Recipes You Can’t Get Enough Of

50.000 VND



Do you actually like your steak rare and bloody?

Are you squeamish? And would you only eat well-done steak?

Perhaps you’re like most who love their steaks done medium with just the right amount of juiciness.

No matter how you literally like it, steak is always a good idea.

There is nothing like rewarding yourself with a plate of exquisite steak.

And a great way to get it exactly the way you want it is to make it yourself.

Cooking steak is easy; don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Indeed, the more you cook it, the better you’ll get it.

This book will help you create mouth-watering steaks and get you to the expert level in no time with a choice of 50 carefully selected recipes that you’ll surely love.

So, are you up for the challenge?