The Badboy Burger Book: Awesome burger recipes for true burger lovers (second edition) (The Badboy Food Books) *



Định dạng PDF

Hey Burger Lovers, following the success of the first edition of the Badboy Burger Book, the second edition is now ready for you to devour. It’s oozing with juicy burger recipes you’re gonna love. It has a new and improved design to help you, and it’s full of great mouthwatering pictures to get you wanting that Badboy burger.

The Badboy burger book was the first in a line of these compact, easy to follow Badboy cookbooks. This is the perfect book for all lovers of burgers and all lovers of food. A badboy burger, like all badboy food, is not about the chef being a badboy: it is about the ingredients and final product being badboy.

It is a burger that doesn’t mess around. It uses the best ingredients to produce the best possible burger. No soggy buns that fall apart. No pre-ground meat from 100 different animals. No wilted lettuce. No fake processed cheese. Real hearty ingredients to create the most delicious burgers you’ve ever tried.

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