DIY Sourdough: The Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Starters, Bread, Snacks, and More (Homegrown City Life)

60.000 VND



“Enjoy delicious, nutritious sourdough family favorites such as English muffins and cinnamon raisin bread right in the comfort of your own home.” —Hannah Crum, coauthor of The Big Book of Kombucha

Real life is busy enough without having social media-worthy sourdough on your to-do list. But if your goal is to make simple, nourishing, and delicious whole grain sourdough for your whole family, then DIY Sourdough is your one-stop beginner’s guide. Coverage includes:
Simple sourdough recipes for breads, snacks, and more
The secrets to consistent results
Tips and tricks for homemade sourdough, including flour buying, home milling, and sourdough starter
Homemade bread scheduling options, including split-day sourdough recipes for making sourdough an easy part of your weekly routine.

DIY Sourdough is your personal guide to getting started with sourdough. It gives you a helping hand to succeed and offers a simple time-saving approach to make nourishing and delicious sourdough that fits into a hectic lifestyle.

“People have been fermenting grains, baking bread, and keeping sourdough starters alive for millennia using very simple, basic techniques. John and Jessica Moody bring back the simplicity by demonstrating in clear terms how a busy homesteading family, be they rural or urban, can bake a wide range of sourdough-based baked products with ease. To boot, DIY Sourdough will provide you with myriad recipes for feeding your family healthy, digestible baked products for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between.” —Jereme Zimmerman, award-winning author of Brew Beer Like a Yeti

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