Bish Bash Bosh!: Your Favorites * All Plants

50.000 VND


ĐỊNH DẠNG : epub

BOSH! became widely successful as the biggest and fastest-growing plant-based food channel on the web, reaching over 25 million people a month. Their mission to eat more plant-based foods went mainstream with the publication of their first book, BOSH!, which introduced readers to their fun, crowd-pleasing vegan recipes. Now, the guys from BOSH! are at it again with even more unbelievable vegan recipes.

Filled with more than 120 unmissable new favorite dishes, BISH BASH BOSH! will show readers, vegan or not, how imaginative and easy plant-based food can be. These simple, no-fuss recipes will pack in the flavor with unbelievable results. Recipes will include:

Cheeseburger Dough Balls
Ultimate Falafel Wraps with 3-Ingredient Flatbreads, Hummus, and Chili Jam
Cauli Tandoori Kebab with Mint Raita and Quick Pickle
Crunchy Carnival Salad
Beet and Herb Tarte Tatin
Classic Lasagna
BBQ Beans with Mushroom Burnt Ends
Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes
Banana Bread Donuts
Lemon Drizzle Cake
From brilliant breakfasts and easy-prep lunches to weeknight suppers and fantastic feasts, every dish will be a showstopper. Ian and Henry will even include recipes for a completely meat-free Christmas, and a meal prep plan to set yourself up for easy plant-based cooking.