Baan: Recipes and Stories From My Thai Home *

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Baan guides you through the fragrant world of Thai cooking to dishes of profound and gracious subtlety on a culinary adventure, all within the comfort of your own kitchen.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Kay spoke Thai before she spoke English and has spent more than half her life in Thailand. Baan meaning the hearth, the home, the community, the place where you come from is a true homage to her childhood, to the delicious recipes that she was raised on, and a cuisine and country that she loves.

The book features more than 120 recipes that Kay has collected from all over Thailand during her last 30 years of travel. Crucially, all of them are well within the capabilities of the competent, and curious, cook. Kay demystifies Thai food, providing clear, and concise recipes, and revealing the shortcuts, kitchen hacks, and ingredient substitutions that make delicious, and authentic Thai cooking achievable at home. Chapters include: Aharn Len Snacks; Rice and Noodles; Curries; Soups and Braises; Stir fried and Deep fried; Grilled, Steamed, and Baked; Yums, Laarps, and Tums; Dipping Sauces and Relishes; and Desserts.