Asian Tofu – Andrea Nguyen

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Định dạng EPUB

The enhanced ebook edition of Asian Tofu offers an enriched cookbook experience with 17 videos, including stepbystep guidance for making tofu at home plus coaching on other key techniques. Bonus travelogues explore tofu hotspots around the globe and immerse readers in the sights, sounds, and sources of this remarkable food.

Confused about whether to buy medium or superfirm tofu? Mystified by how to handle gauzy tofu skins and dried tofu sticks? With the enhanced Asian Tofu ebook, there’s no need to wonder. In eight instructional videos, Andrea Nguyen walks you through the wide variety of tofu available, explaining how to use each type for maximum results. For those who want to craft their own from scratch, her demonstrations of the tofumaking process illuminate potentially tricky steps and are chock full of tips for perfecting your product.

To get a deeper look into the world of tofu, join Andrea on the tofu trail. In nine videos you will be transported to Taipei’s…

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