With Alcohol Anything is Popsicle: 60 Frozen Cocktails *

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Boozy ice lollies you can make at home.

The sun is out, the mercury is finally hitting 30 degees … what better way to toast the start of summer than with a frozen cocktail – on a stick!

With the onset of summer, the alcoholic ice-lolly trend is getting BIG. The adult popsicle market is one of the fastest-growing product areas in the ice cream market, with sales up 23% to £40m in the past year, according to Kantar Worldpanel.

From high-end gourmet ice pops on the festival scene to mass-market popsicles that were a sell-out at Aldi, people’s appetite for frozen booze is growing. Even Fortnum and Mason have produced their own alcoholic ice-lollies for the best people. But why go for shop-bought, when you can easily mix and freeze these drinks at home, and never spill a drop.

This book provides 60 recipes for popsicles, slushies and ice-creamy frozen drinks, with stylish photography.