100 Desserts To Die For: Quick, Easy, Delicious Recipes For The Ultimate Classics.

50.000 VND


Indulge in life’s greatest pleasures with over 100 recipes for desserts, cakes and sweet treats in Trish Deseine’s book 100 Desserts to Die For. Who can resist the temptation of Blackberry and apple shortcake, Intense Guinness chocolate cake, Coffee, chocolate and hazelnut dacquoise or Raspberry roulade? In Trish Deseine’s glamorous, decadent and utterly delicious recipes in 100 Desserts to Die For we promise you that even those with the strongest willpower won’t be able to say no. Split into chapters of Classics (think Milk chocolate and salted butter caramel mousse), Chocolate (Chocolate, peanut butter and oreo biscuit tart), Soft (Croissant pudding with caramel and bourbon), Fruit (Eton mess with rose, strawberry and roasted rhubarb), and Ice (Banana, mango and date tarte tatin with crème fraiche ice cream), 100 Desserts to Die For has a recipe for every occasion. The recipes are packed with tips, shortcuts and good advice and are guaranteed to impress your guests.